They/Them Stars Austin Crute, Theo Germaine On the “Fun” of Horror and Making Lifelong Friends On Set

Due to the film’s sensitive subject matter, the level of vulnerability amongst the cast made for a camaraderie that felt less like friends and more like family. Theo admits that they bonded with more people on the set of They/Them than any other set they had ever worked on.

“Even so much of the crew was LGBTQ, like [our executive producer] Scott Schofield said that a lot of queer people who [were] on the crew actually quit other jobs in the Atlanta area to come [work on our] movie… because everybody really wanted to be a part of the environment,” Theo says.

With chemistry between the cast and crew, it’s only natural that they produced magical scenes together — scenes like the capella cabin singalong of Pink’s “F*ckin’ Perfect.” Near the middle of the film as the stakes raise higher and higher for the campers, morale is low. But despite being discussed deeply affected by the camp’s methods, the campers are building friendships by sharing their truths and what their lives are like beyond the cabin walls. Through their charmingly cheesy karaoke-esque performance of “F*ckin’ Perfect,” the camps demonstrate that their differences are what make them powerful. The scene is a bright spot of queer joy, an intimate moment of well-deserved play, a beautiful display of marginalized teenagers just being teenagers.

“I was so nervous… I don’t sing on screen a whole bunch,” says Theo. “Then we all did it together, and it was fun and magical on set. I cried when we were done with the scene because I was like, we all did this together.”

“It was really fun… that was actually our last shooting day together,” Austin says. “It was this goodbye in this climactic moment… in the narrative of the movie, it’s happening in the middle, but for us, it was happening at [the] end. I remember John [Logan, the director] pulling me to the side before we started shooting anything. He was like, ‘Can you vogue?’ And I was like, ‘Yes.’ But I had never vogued, I’d never done anything like that. So I was on YouTube, I was practicing death drops on my bed in my room. I was ready to go, whatever he needed me to do. And it ended up being free-flowing, exactly what Theo said: free and fun.”

When asked what they’re most proud of about They/Them, Theo and Austin spend another sixty seconds gushing about the talent of the main cast and the dedication that was brought to the film. After a while, they’re no longer two actors answering an interview question — they’re just two friends kiki’ing, sharing a memory.

“I have made so many friends on this [movie] that are lifelong,” says Austin.

“I want to work with everybody again really badly,” Theo agrees.

“Yes,” nods Austin.

“We need to figure out something else so we can do this again. We gotta make up a sequel, even if it’s unofficial. We got to do something.”


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