The original mood ring sells at a record price as a physical NFT

A next-generation version of this pop culture icon called EthereuMood Ring NFT is now available

New York, US, January 16, 2022, Zexbroer, Available. NFT Creative Enterprises has announced the successful sale of its original Gold Mood Stone for $65,000, a record price for a NFT smart wearable. Next, the company is now offering a limited edition EthereuMood Ring NFTs paired with a unique animated ‘mood art’. NFTs also include the additional benefit of a “coded self-care” series for stress management, emotional wellness, and mental and physical performance improvement content – including software, books, and apps.

The new EthereuMood episode builds on the renewed awareness of the mood ring as a true pop culture icon in addition to its function as a biofeedback device for stress management. To this end, NFT Creative Enterprises has tracked the design and development of a highly contemporary, performance-enhanced EthereuMood ring. Each episode owner also receives a new type of interactive mood art created by Naomi Salazar, who was recently selected as a Featured NFT Artist for SpaceX Falcon 9, releasing all the inspiring civilian crew. As an added bonus, each ring holder will also have access to an ongoing digital series of cryptographic self-care services designed to meet a growing social need and general interest in practical stress relief and mental and emotional wellness.

The Mood Ring was developed in the Biofeedback Stress Management Laboratory of inventor Josh Reynolds in Manhattan. “The mood stone is made of a ‘thermal’ liquid crystal material that displays 7 colors that reflect a 20-degree range in finger temperatures throughout the day,” explains Reynolds. “With the new EthereuMood Ring paired with the Self-Care Series, we aim to address the pandemic of social stress and personal anxiety with a fun, fashionable and practical biofeedback supplement.”

While the loop’s biofeedback ability will help users quickly identify an unhealthy stress response, the Self-Care Series will provide additional benefit with proven techniques, programs, books, and apps for stress, mood, and brain health. Furthermore, Ethereum’s unique ring design and bright mood stone colors create a distinct conversation piece that invites users to open up, share, and interact with others.

The history of the mood ring

The original Mood ring was first recorded as the Mood Stone. Josh Reynolds, the inventor of this innovative piece of “vital jewelry” was an exhausted Wall Street executive who wanted to help others learn how to manage their stress. After a year of development, he introduced it to the market in 1975 with financial backer and former US Congressman Joseph Dioguardi. After this introduction, a PR tsunami swept across the country and the retail sector became runaway. $250 million worth of mood rings were sold in just 4 months, many of which were imitations.

Public awareness of the original was boosted when celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Cher, Joe Namath, Ali McGraw, Polly Bergen, Sophia Loren and Paul Newman began wearing Mood Stone rings in public. TV talk show host Mike Douglas also gave them a special show. Muhammad Ali wrote a poem about his mood rings, and both Britney Spears and Lord have produced hit songs about the mood ring.

Based on acoustics

Possibly the world’s first “smart wearable” accessory, the Mood Ring was developed at the Stress Transformation Center in Manhattan. Established by Reynolds and DeGuardi, the center became one of the first fully-equipped stress management clinics in the country. As she grew, she began receiving referrals from psychologists and psychiatrists, including the William Alanson White Institute – the leading psychiatric institution in New York City.

The mood stone is a “thermal biosensor” of autonomic nervous system activity, capable of sending signals to the first stage of the user’s “fight or flight” stress response. It has also been shown to be an effective biofeedback device. As such, it enables rapid stress relief, especially when used in combination with a deep relaxation technique, such as mindfulness, mantra meditation, or deep rhythmic breathing (the techniques are included in the Coded Self-Care Series).

Despite the widespread lack of understanding how the mood ring really works, it has enjoyed enduring multigenerational recognition of the name to this day, hence its recent success as a physical NFT. Furthermore, the science and technology behind the original mood stone biosensor has evolved over the years to create practical and effective self-awareness, stress monitoring, and stress relief aids. However, even with such a valuable function, many believe that its universal value and appeal is simply as a fun and fashionable conversation starter.

The new NFT EthereuMood Ring and its self-care series are now being discussed at the Clubhouse. They are also popular topics of discussion on other social channels as stress management and emotional wellness are becoming an increasingly hot topic.

About the original mood ring

Josh Reynolds developed the “Original State Ring” as a science-based stress management biofeedback device that measures the wearer’s “fight or flight” response to stress. The NFT version of this cultural icon also allows owners to enjoy a new type of interactive art by Naomi Salazar of the SpaceX NFT Collection. Most importantly, these EthereuMood episodes are combined with stress relief and psycho-emotional wellness books and apps designed to help the wearer more effectively manage their stress and anxiety.

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The original mood ring published at record price sells as a physical NFT for the first time on Zex PR Wire.