The Five Best Moments Of The Psychological Thriller “Watcher” Trailer

Maika Monroe returns in this chilling mystery/thriller where the actress plays Julia, a woman who moves to a new city with her boyfriend. Life seems perfect for the up-and-coming actress until she notices that a mysterious stranger is watching her from across the street. With a serial killer stalking the city, is Julia being sized up as the next victim? Watcher is the feature film debut for Chloe Okuno and it’s set to hit limited theaters on June 3, 2022.

Julia Notices A Stranger Is Watching Her

In truth, Watcher just seems like another version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Still, that doesn’t mean that the upcoming feature can’t be a strong vehicle that deviates from that infamous chiller. Julia’s life is seemingly perfect. She moves into this beautiful city. Has a seemingly perfect boyfriend (hands up if you think the boyfriend is the killer) and her career is moving forward. However, there’s a mysterious guy watching her from across the street. Is it all an illusion? The trailer never has any of the other characters acknowledge a stranger watching their apartment. Francis looks over to the other side, but there’s no clear indication that he saw someone on the other side. Given the fact that this is a psychological thriller, questions about Julia’s mental state will surely come up. How will Watcher address this issue? Will it be done in a clever manner? Or will the direction mirror most films that come before it?

A Mysterious Guy Shows Up Behind Julia In The Movie Theater

The trailer slowly builds up to mystery of who this guy is. Once again, perhaps it’s all in Julia’s mind? The guy sits down behind the up-and-coming actress but he never moves once she scurries out of there. However, it did seem that the stranger was about to make some sort of weird move towards Julia. If done properly, this could be a strong and intense feature that plays tricks on our expectations. This moment seems like a red herring, but perhaps it leads to something bigger. The premise does state that a serial killer is lurking around the city; does the killer have eyes on Julia? Or will this turn out to be some wild twist where Julia is the murderer who some type of illness? Say what you will about the generic premise, but Watcher does open up multiple avenues that have never been explored in this genre.

A Woman Is Found With Her Head Cut Off

Of course, this plays into the serial killer stalking the streets. However, this whodunit feature has placed a big notion that someone is watching Julia. Is he planning for her to be his next victim? Is there another serial killer aloof in this city? Is the serial killer an angle to hide the true stalker that’s affecting Julia’s everyday movement? How will the numerous twists and turns lead back to these strange occurrences? Watcher beautiful looks and seems to be meticulously planned; hopefully the mystery is as good as the film looks.

Julia and Francis Argue

This moment showcases just how much of a mental strain that Watcher will be. I’ve already asked all the obvious questions about the potential paths that this film could take, but what about how the supporting characters play into this feature? Everyone is a suspect. And while the trailer doesn’t paint a picture that it could be the boyfriend, it does highlight the fact that Julia could be going crazy. Does the boyfriend even know about these strange events surrounding Julia? Or is he gaslighting the hell out of his girlfriend for his benefit? Maybe he’s not the killer, but perhaps he’s a friend. Or Brother. Or lover! The great thing about psychological thrillers is that they dig deep into the root of these characters and reveal the ugly truth behind these seemingly perfect people. More importantly, is it something that will truly make Watcher bold and original?

A Bloody Body Is Dragged From The Bed

Did the film possibly give away the ending? Given the fact that this mysterious lady is blonde, this could easily be Julia. The perspective seems to be on Julia, but this could end up being a Gone Girl situation where we get both sides showcasing Julia and the killer. The trailer does a solid job of not giving away too many details about the antagonist, but hopefully there’s more layers to the titular villain. Why is Julia his next target? (if she is) And what’s his motive overall? A protagonist is only as good as its villain, and hopefully that’s the case with Watcher.