The 10-Second Psychological Game That Shows How Your Brain Works

The human mind is like a filing cabinet, or the old school Dewey Decimal System found in the libraries of our childhoods. It organizes information by importance, priority, and associations.

These preset associations that have been built over your lifetime are what you draw on to answer questions and make assumptions in real time.

In cognitive science, these are referred to as “prototypes.” They make sense of and order your experiences, helping to set expectations and dictate actions. Without them, the world would be lost.

These prototypes are part of the magic of your mind. Having answers at your disposal is much more beneficial and efficient than having to make associations on the spot.

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And there’s one game that can determine the way your brain operates.

This 10-second psychological game was created to determine how your brain works.

To play the game, simply watch the video below, or scroll down for instructions.

First, answer the following math questions quickly:

1 + 1 = ?