South Africa: Western Cape Government On Pay Interns

The Western Cape Government welcomes approximately 500 PAY interns to the civil service

On Friday, 1 April 2022, the Western Cape Government welcomed 492 newly appointed Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) interns into the civil service.

I want to congratulate the interns on their appointment and truly hope that this is a rewarding experience, which will set them up for further success in their careers.

This program is helping us in the fight against the second pandemic of joblessness by preparing young people with the necessary skill set to thrive in the workplace. It is clear that there is significant demand for this program as the 2022 in-take alone had a total of over 1900 applicants.

The interns are being placed in Western Cape Government departments and will be exposed to administrative and support tasks. The internship will last for 12 months, during which, they will benefit from developing an array of skills, preparing them for the world of work. Skills training will be provided in a phased manner. This will include:

Phase 1: Interns will complete the ‘Work Readiness Training programme’ which includes modules focusing on the structures of government, PAY Interns and the Western Cape Government, and Personal Development. The latter focuses particularly on time management, exploring work opportunities, and personal finance.

Phase 2: interns will then proceed to complete the ‘The Work Readiness Training programme’ which covers ‘Understanding Myself’. This module focuses on emotional intelligence, teamwork, etiquette, communication, effective written communication, customer care and ethics, duties of support staff, mentoring, discipline and stress management; and