Neuropotential Clinics Showcases Neurofeedback Training To Combat COVID-Related Mental Health Distress

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Neuropotential Clinics, Toronto’s leading neurofeedback training facility, is gaining popularity as more and more patients seek out non-invasive methods to manage and treat stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, burnout, and more.

With the pandemic is in its’ second year, many people are starting to experience the negative effects of prolonged uncertainty. Some are experiencing burnout from juggling all the factors in their lives, and some are starting to feel anxious and depressed. The mental load that every person carries today is exponentially more than it was just two years ago. Some people, by nature or nurture, have the tools they need to succeed, but many do not and are starting to get lost in a downward spiral, feeling hopeless and helpless.

“Stress, anxiety, burnout and depression are more prevalent today due to the consequences of the pandemic, and we have seen this reflected in our clinic. While it is terrible that so many more people are experiencing distress, it is encouraging to us that patients are recognizing their need for help, and are actively seeking supportive treatment options like neurofeedback training.” says Dr. Muller Clinical Psychologist at Neuropotential Clinics.

The tools needed to promote mental wellbeing vary from person to person. But, a common denominator across the board is an appreciation of the brain’s incredible power. Neurofeedback training is a non-invasive method to train the brain to be more relaxed, calm, alert and focused. Through a series of structured feedback exercises, patients learn how to self-regulate in the face of triggers and bypass the stress responses that can negatively interfere with their thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Neurofeedback training is successfully used to support the treatment of conditions like ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, concussion, stress-related fatigue, and burnout. If that wasn’t enough, neurofeedback feedback training is also known to help build resilience, improve cognitive function and stress management, three factors that are key to ongoing mental wellbeing.

“Neurofeedback training is a very empowering process,” says Rajneel Sharma, Director at Neuropotential Clinics, “from beginning to end, we challenge patients to hone their new skills, develop confidence in their abilities, and truly discover their brain’s potential.”

More About Neuropotential Clinics:

Opened in 2017, Neuropotential Clinics offers state-of-the-art facilities with the latest software and technology required for neurofeedback training sessions. Conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario, the Clinic provides non-invasive treatments for anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, concussion, stress, burnout, and more.

A complimentary one-hour consultation is offered to all new patients, and a thorough, personalized treatment plan is finalized before neurofeedback training sessions begin.

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