I Found a Great Family Doctor With HealthTap

Build a relationship with a primary doctor through HealthTap. No insurance necessary!

As a mom of two, I am at the doctor more times a year than I can count.

But the last time I went to a checkup for me?

Well, let’s just say it’s been too long.

But I don’t have a primary care doctor, and finding one that takes our insurance, doesn’t require me to wait for an hour in the lobby, and who I’m comfortable with … well that just seems like a lot of work.

So I was glad to find HealthTap, a company that is on a mission to connect every person in America with their own primary care doctor. I was a little uncertain about the idea of ​​meeting with a doctor virtually, but decided to give a HealthTap a try because it seemed like a simple, no-hassle process. They don’t even require proof of insurance!

The author received a HealthTap appointment and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

I’m not the only one willing to go virtual: Since the pandemic started, the popularity of telehealth has skyrocketed, and it appears to be an option that’s here to stay. The reasons?

Anyone can use a service like HealthTap from anywhere. HealthTap is great for:

  • People in communities with long waits to get a primary care doctor
    People in rural communities where the nearest doctor’s office might be an hour’s drive away
  • People without access to a car, or for anyone who faces challenges getting to a doctor’s office (parents with small kids who have to bring them along)
  • People with high deductible health plans
  • People who can’t take time off work or family to go to an in-person office

What I especially liked about HealthTap (which is available in all 50 states) is that membership costs just $15 a month, and you can add kids for free.

So I decided to give it a try.

I signed up, put in my basic information, and was able to pick from four different doctors to meet with at a convenient time to me.

On my appointment day, I logged on five minutes before the appointment was to start and readied myself for a long wait. I’ll probably still have to wait 30 minutes, just like a regular doctor waiting room, I thought to myself.

But right on time — at 7:30 pm sharp — Dr. Sally Sartin logged on and introduced herself. I felt comfortable with her right away as we chatted. She took the time, I felt, to get to know me — to ask about my life, my medical history, and any concerns I might have.

After hearing how long it had been since I’d been to a doctor she ordered me blood tests and sent the orders to a medical lab just three miles from my house. We made a plan to meet again in about a month to go over results, and said our goodbyes. I like that I can continue appointments with the same primary care doctor moving forward.

In just 30 minutes I logged off and went right back to my family. A quick commute!

As I found, HealthTap’s primary care physicians can treat a wide range of health care conditions and concerns, from diagnosis to managing treatments. Specifically, HealthTap primary care physicians can help with things like:

  • Chronic Care: Diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders (IBS), arthritis
  • Children’s Health: Cold & flu symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, skin rashes, allergies
  • Mental & Behavioral Health: Talk to a primary care doctor about depression, sleep issues, school or work stress
  • Wellness, Prevention & Lifestyle: Weight counseling, skin and hair care, supplements, health screenings, stress reduction
  • Women’s Health: UTI, birth control, menopause, period problems, yeast infections, skin and hair care
  • Men’s Health: STI symptoms, erection issues, bladder or bowel issues, skin and hair care
  • Travel Medicine: Vaccinations and medications, pre-travel counseling, post-travel care
  • Sexual Health: STI prevention or testing, erectile dysfunction, birth control counseling
  • Senior Health: Muscle or joint pain, medication management, preventive health screenings

Plus I like the fact that HealthTap gives me and my family an opportunity to connect with an urgent care doctor 24/7 — that’s a great benefit given how full the local urgent cares and emergency rooms have been lately!

Screenshot from HealthTap’s website

For just $15 a month and $39 a visit (and no surprise billing!) I felt like my HealthTap experience was a great value both to my health and my pocketbook. I plan on continuing the service with my new primary care doctor.