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Dave Shelton

Why do you believe you are the best candidate for this office?

First, I am not an establishment politician who cares more about staying in power and proselytizing to maintain that position. Too many politicians often abandon the constituents who elected them, often ignoring their concerns. I have spent years as a journalist, reporter, writer and author and I have worked on the campaigns of other republics for various local and national elections and I have a deep understanding of modern politics and how it is nothing but a machination of control. Yet, despite my experiences, there is one other thing that I hold above any other- I am a child of God and citizen of this country, first and foremost, no worse or better than anyone else. And if I’m elected I will never forget that. Incumbents have been telling everyone that Experience Matters. Well, just because you’ve been in a job for 30 years doesn’t mean you’re good at it. I tell people that if they want to change stop re-electing the same people because maybe you know someone who knows them or they’re related. I put out the question, âIs your life or situation any better since these people took office?ã If the answer is a resounding NO then you might want to rethink your priorities.

A successful and free country is the people, not the government. The founding fathers of the Constitution knew this doctrine and I do too. I plan on listening to the people, represent them, be their voice and will never stop working for them, because what benefits the people benefits me. We are all God fearing Americans and we must never forget that or we will lose the people’s voice forever.

If you are elected, what issues will be priorities for your term?

I have a plethora of issues that have crossed my campaign. There are so many problems that are being ignored and neglected by the establishment politicians because they are constantly arguing in the legislature and creating one bill after another that do nothing but waste time and distract them from actually doing things that benefit their constituents and solve immediate problems . What good is a bill or law if it doesn’t help the people?

Among the issues that need immediate remedy includes the erosion and rock slides that are plaging Route 2 primarily between Sistersville and Paden City. It is a deadly disaster waiting to happen. The area must be shored up right away. It would be negligent to think that we can wait to “discuss” how to deal with it. I don’t want death to be the catalyst to enact solutions.

Along this vein, I want to pressure local and state officials and entities to do something immediately about the Paden City water situation. I have spoken with many residents and the simple fact is that both adults and children are getting sicker and sicker because of the toxic vapors, chemicals and contaminated water that have been stagnating underground and despite the reality of the statistics, nothing is changing. The facts that kids and adults are getting cancers, developing ALS, Thyroid and other illnesses at an alarming rate does not sit well with me and I will not watch idly while politicians align themselves with special interest groups leaving citizens as collateral damage.

As I mentioned, the list of problems is too vast to expound on, but here is a partial list of other concerns. We are losing God in our society. I am a true Christian who believes that without God in our lives, we are doomed. CRT and gender identity education in our elementary schools have to stop. Further, Common Core education has become a bane to the previous education programs that helped make America one of the most advanced in the world. Crime is becoming so rampant as a result of illegal immigration, breakdown of the family, drugs and exposure to the mainstream media that many people are afraid for the next generation and beyond. Obesity is out of hand here in West Virginia as it is on a national level. I believe that this has contributed to the mass level of diabetes, covid epidemics and other maladies. It has been proven that healthy eating, getting outdoors and exercise do more to build up immunity to diseases. What the country has been doing to our children through mask mandates has created a society of depression as well as breaking down their still developing immune systems. When I was a kid, we ate dirt and things off the floor. I will fight to maintain our 2nd amendment rights. Too many factions are illegals, gangs and other criminals to skirt the law through bail reform and open border policies. The only thing that protects us from that is our right to bear arms. I will not compromise that. Mental health is probably one of the most pressing issues we need to address. Many crimes are committed by individuals who should not be on the street due to mental disorders, from factors including drugs, social breakdown and depression. The same goes for veteran affairs. There is nothing more important than taking care of the millions of men and women who have sacrificed everything to protect our freedoms. We need to do more to help them, whether it be more programs or benefits. Another problem is that we do not have enough police and first responders on our streets and that proliferates crime. This must be changed. Then there’s the constant poor road conditions dilemma. Patching over existing problems does not create long term solutions.

And finally, we must create jobs, revitalize our small towns, bring businesses here, encourage involvement, and clean up our towns. I’ve seen too many homes left abandoned and in ruins creating blight that deters anyone from wanting to move here. So, you see there are so many issues to deal with I could go on and on (bringing back oil and gas jobs, creating more arts and film jobs, lowering taxes, broadband, etc) but believe me that I will hit all of them running if I am elected. I don’t sleep much.

What do you think are the biggest concerns facing your community (state, county, municipality)?

Crime lacks businesses, people leaving the state, drugs, education, infrastructure, borders, animal welfare, taxes, access to broadband to name a few.

If elected, how do you plan to address cyber security issues in your office?

As someone with vast computer and tech knowledge, there must be a development of more secure server protection including creating better anti-hacking software, creating a task force to track cyber hackers, etc. The hackers are always working around firewalls, so we must continue to keep our personal information safe.

What else should voters know about you (family, profession, hobbies, etc)?

I was originally from NJ, lived in Los Angeles for 30 years before moving to Sistersville in 2019 as an investigative journalist. As a conservative republican in one of the most left winged states in the country, it was a constant battle and I finally decided it was time to leave. I am a film and TV writer, cartoonist, author and musician. I have worked for Everybody Loves Raymond, National Lampoon, Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon and others. I have several children’s books out and was the winner of the 2021 International Book Awards Bronze medal for my childrenás book, Bag Boy and Sweet Slob, from WV publisher, Headline Books. The second book in the series will be out later this year. I was a basketball coach with the LA Lakers recruitment camp and Jim Harrick, former UCLA basketball coach. I love playing golf and working with various charities including Shriners Hospital and Down Syndrome. I wrote the Special Olympics theme song, The Special Everywhere. I enjoy the peace and tranquility of living along the Ohio River and spending time with friends. I have come to love West Virginia and it would be an honor to represent everyone in this district.